Home workout programs for building muscle – Ride Faster for longer

Home workout programs for building muscleWe all know that cycling is not only fun and a great way to keep fit, but exercising at home can also help to improve strength so you can ride faster for longer. Here we are going to look at some great home workout programs for building muscle and help you to get fit in 2021 from the comfort of your own living room.


Home workout programs for building muscle

Work Out Anywhere

Work-out-anywhere is the brain child of Jessica and Justin Rundle who both once struggled with weight gain themselves which is an inspiring story when you look at what they have achieved.

Their training programs are targeted at busy people and parents who don’t have access or have time for the Gym so all of their workouts can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Almost all of their exercise programs are equipment free using your own body weight and classes are delivered daily via the App which works great.

Workouts are sent through Mon- Friday daily targeting different muscle groups including metabolic conditioning. They also provide nutrition advice and recipes to further enhance results which they guarantee if you stick to the plan.

Their workout routines are suitable for all fitness levels so you can select ‘B’ for beginner through to ‘A’ for more advanced training as you progress through the courses.

Their plan is $37.99 (£27.88) per month which is pretty reasonable considering you also get meal plans and nutritional advice to compliment tailored workouts and help you achieve your fitness/ weight loss goals. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime.

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Hitch Fit – Home workout programs for building muscle

Hitch Fit immediately displays the ‘before and after’ results of those who have taken up their program and the results are impressive and inspiring to say the least. The owners and personal trainers Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux-LaCerte

claim the program is suitable for any age and any level of fitness which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

They have specific plans in place where you can choose whether you want to build muscle, lose weight or both with easy to follow guidance from instructors. If you Select ‘Build Muscle’ then there is another drop down option where you can specifically target where and how you want to build muscle so the program can be tailored to your requirements.

The ‘Build Muscle’ Packages in terms of cost are $457.99 for a 20-week plan and £557.99 for a 28-week plan. Upon registration, you will need to fill out a questionnaire so they can tailor the plans exactly toward what you want to achieve including meal plans and diet.

Home workout programs for building muscle

There is no App like some other programs who offer similar but videos are available on YouTube so can be played on multiple devices and you get a weekly ‘Check in’ with trainers to help keep motivation levels up and their programs offer lots of support and guidance without needing any expensive Gym equipment. Although at this price you will need to make sure you stick to the plan in order to get value for money, this is one of the better home workout programs to build muscle out there.

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Bluefin Fitness

Bluefin Fitness do not offer home work out programs, however they do supply some great equipment if you are thinking of getting an exercise bike or other home gym equipment to help further improve your efforts to get fit from the comfort of your own home.

The Tour 5.0 is a great indoor bike with a built in console/ Display which is Bluetooth ready and can link to a smartphone app. There are 12 x already installed automatic programs and 24 x manual program settings to choose from providing low impact high intensity work-outs to help build muscle and endurance in the long – and short- term

The quality of their bikes are good and reviews are positive

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Aaptive – Home workout programs for building muscle

Aaptive has a great offering with over 2500 workouts across many disciplines and provide structured workouts based on what you have selected as your main goals. What I like about this program is it is Audio based so you don’t have to be transfixed to your phone or any other kind of screen for that matter as the coach guides you though the workout routines.

Registration is pretty straight forward, they require some initial information like what is your motivation for joining ie to lose weight, build muscle or improve fitness. You can also select which type of training you prefer for example running, strength building or indoor cycling etc.
Home workout programs for building muscle
Another nice touch is they let you choose the music genre you prefer to include on the audio workouts which play in the background, however while doing the workouts you are relying upon ‘voice instructions’ only from the instructors so this may not be very clear, especially if you are completely new to working-out or have previously relied upon instructor-led video tutorials.

You can use these tutorials either while in the gym or they have a good selection of home work-outs with or without equipment for building muscle.

I would recommend trying out the 7-day free trial, thereafter its $14.99 ( £10.60) per month which is good value considering the impressive library of classes they have and is much cheaper than a Gym membership in most cases.

Aaptive has been designed to work well on mobile devices so you can use anywhere and has some great home workout programs for building muscle.

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Home workout programs for building muscleConclusion – Home Workout Programs for Building Muscle

All the above home workout programs for building muscle are great ways to help reduce the loss of muscle mass which from the age of 30+ we lose between 3% – 5% every 10 years! If we can maintain a good level of fitness whether it be at home or out on your bike this will slow this process for sure in addition to significantly reducing the risk of heart related issues with the added benefit of shedding a few pounds at the same time.

There are many programs out there to keep fit, personally I think if you own a bike then this is one of the most fun ways to get started, especially an electric bike. Yes you can still get a workout on an Ebike, especially if you commute to work and due to being able to choose levels of ‘Assistance’ then this can open some new doors for lots of people who require low impact exercise.

Find out here how you can comute to work, get fit and arrive to the office sweat free<==

If you would like to share your own thoughts and experience on this subject then please feel free to drop me a line below.

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  1. Bluefin Fitness, Tour 5.0 exercise bike looks really cool, I was looking for equipment for working at home, nice! I usually cycle outside but with the rising cases, it’s great to sometimes work out at home and we’ll have more time for ourselves too. I usually cycle for fun and don’t really track much about the distance or anything but that Bluetooth capability does sound interesting. Definitely checking this out!

  2. A year ago I started working from home. But now that I am able to go back to work and go back from the gym, it’s just so difficult. So I have decided to do everything from home (even exercising). I really like Bluefin. Several have told me goo things about them. I’ll check their products and offers. Thanks for your helpful post.

    • Hi Paolo, Glad you liked the post and I agree its not easy keeping to a routine in the current climate so good to hear you are manging to get some excersise at home in the meantime. Yes the Bluefin Products have some good reviews so definately worth checking them out. Dan


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