Is An E Bike Actually Worth It?

Is an e bike actually worth it? or are they just an expensive alternative for the lazy rider? With the average cost of a decent electric bike being upwards of £1500+ this is a perfectly valid question to ask, but there is a trade off to be had with Electric bikes where the benefits may far outweigh the costs which we will explain here.

Is an E Bike actually worth It? Why would I buy one?

If you are reading this article then we can assume you are considering an electric bike, but what will you be using it for?

If you live within a 20 -30 mile radius from your place of work then an E bike really is a viable option, instead of the train, bus or Car.

I did the same thing a few years back and the cost of the E bike paid for itself within 1 year against the annual cost of a Travel Card on Public transport.

There was no way I was going to cycle 16 miles into work and not be exhausted upon arrival with my level of fitness on a standard bike, I hated the train so in early 2020 I bought an e-bike.

Is an e bike actually worth it
My ebike

I can honestly say it changed my life as I knew exactly what time I would be home, no more delays, it was fun and I was able to get a workout at the same time ( yes you can still get fit on an electric bike) – this e bike has saved me over £2600 per year, so personally, its been a ‘No Brainer’, but this is not the case for everyone.

I would say on those particularly wet days, it can be a bit of a grind but so long as you have the right gear it’s ok.

Some things don’t always have to carry a cost benefit, for example if you are an avid mountain biker who likes to hit the trails at the weekend for fun or have mobility issues then an electric bike can provide you with a much better quality of life and for some is their only form of transport.

Cycling in general is a great way to also look after your mental health -This, you can not put a price on!

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

They are expensive – If you want a decent Electric bike then expect to pay upwards of £1500+

They are Heavy – Well, much heavier than a standard bike weighing anywhere between 20 – 30Kgs

They Need Power – Otherwise they are a pig to ride due to their extra weight

Cost of Maintenance – Cost of parts can be more expensive to replace than on a regular bike

Re-Sale Value – E bikes do not hold their value very well so re-sale values can be lower than expected

What are the advantages of electric bikes?

Cheaper than Public Transport – Can’t beat riding into work without breaking a sweat

You Don’t have to be Fit – Thanks to pedal assist, you can increase this if it’s gets tough on the hills

They are Great Fun – whether off-road through woodland trails or just city cruising, ebikes are super fun to ride

Good for the environment– Zero emissions and doing your bit for the planet by owning an e bike

Can replace your Car – Surprising how much you can carry on an ebike like the weekly shopping

Is an E Bike actually worth It? How much should I spend on an e bike?

Is an e bike actually worth it

You can easily pick up a cheap e bike for under a grand online and there are many out there, which is fine for the occasional bit of fun, however if you want something decent and reliable then I would set your budget between £1500 – £3000.

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For this price bracket you really can get yourself a top tier electric bike that will have good quality components, excellent battery range and plenty of power to get you up those hills!

I can’t stress enough how paying a bit extra on a good electric bike will pay dividends in the long term, especially if you plan on using it for commuting to work.

Stick to well respected brands where possible as you are more likely to have good after sales support and they will have a good network of authorized dealers where you will be able to take it, should any issues arise. Also, parts will more likely be easily available from most places.

Is an e bike actually worth it

I often see buyer remorse from people who have received their cheap Online e bike which has no after care and needs to be shipped back to the country of origin for repair or refund adding additional costs and avoidable inconvenience .
Don’t get me wrong here, there is a market for these bikes but I just think you are rolling the dice a bit here on the reliability front.

Usually if you want more power and more range Then this will reflect the price. The e-bike Battery is one of the most expensive components on an e bike in addition to the motor so these go hand in hand.

If you want some further advice on what to look for when buying and electric bike please read this post here.

Is An Ebike Actually Worth It? – Conclusion

So is an ebike actually worth it? Absolutely yes of course they are! If you are still on the fence I would strongly recommend a trip down to your nearest electric bike shop and take one out for a spin.

I haven’t met anyone yet who has not fell in love with these things, especially when you get on the hills.

With cycle to work schemes you can save up to 50% against the full price of most bikes and many online outlets offer 0% interest on finance so it has never been more affordable. You can also get the helmet, locks, clothing and other accessories like lights and racks under this scheme so it’s a great way of getting everything you need with a huge discount.

Is an ebike actually worth it?

If you need to justify the cost then add up how much you spend on commuting to work each year and this then becomes and easy decision in my view. I have also known of people getting rid of their car, but this does depend on individual circumstances.

I would love to hear from anyone who has recently bought an ebike and hear your thoughts on this, otherwise please feel free to drop me a comment below if you need any help or advice.

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  1. I had been asking myself this question: Should I buy an ebike? And reading your opinion about it has made me make up my mind. I like that we can avoid delays with our ebike. And it’s fun to be able to workout too (I thought that was not possible with an electric bike)


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