Long Range EBikes – Make your Next Ride Epic

We have all been there, you are out for a ride and realise you dont have enough juice to get home – battery is getting low and anxiety kicks in.
Whether its commuting to work or long adventures out at the weekend, we want our electric bikes to go as far as possible on a single charge so what are the options for long range ebikes?

Here we explore why you may consider a long range ebike, what the benefits are and our top recommendations with reviews.

1.What are long range ebikes?

The Long Range Ebike as we call it will usually have a larger battery pack to provide the rider with a further average range which can be up to 120 miles on a single charge in some cases.

The ‘Range’ is really determined by how much effort the rider is willing to put in, this then reduces the amout of work the motor needs to do thus preserving battery life, however, in most cases even when using sensible levels of assist and riding ‘normally’, most ebikes can do anywhere between 15 – 30 miles on a single charge.

Rider Effort, rider weight, weather and terrain can all have an impact on battery range so its almost impossible to get an accurate figure, but if you go for models with a larger battery pack, you will almost certainly be looking at 50m+ on a single charge.

Using Giants example below shows the difference in range based on a 500WH battery Vs the motors available in their range

long range ebikes

2. Why buy a long range e-bike?

Battery anxiety is one of the main reasons why people consider long range ebikes, especially if you have a specific journey or commute you are intending on using the bike for on a daily/ weekly basis that you want to cover on a single charge.

Giant Explore
Giant with 500wh batt

In my own experience, I wanted to commute to work which was a 32-mile round trip and also go for long rides at the weekends so wanted at least 60+ miles on a single charge for peace of mind.

Electric bikes are heavier than normal bikes, so although you can still ride them should the battery go flat, it is not always a pleasant experience when you get to the hills due to the extra weight.

If you have bought an electric bike for mobility reasons then it is even more important to make sure you don’t leave yourself short and go for models with larger battery packs to ensure you are covered on longer trips.

Charge time is also a key consideration, Ebike batteries take up to 6 hours to charge from flat so having a longer range can be much more convenient if charging facilities or time is limited.

3. What are the Downsides of Long Range Ebikes?

Unfortunately there are a few ‘Trade- Offs’ to be had which are as follows:

Weight: More range means a bigger battery pack which in turn will add more weight to the bike. This is worth considering if you need to carry the bike up stairs or onto trains etc.

Cost: If you want more range then expect to pay more. The Battery is the most expensive component on an electric bike so keep this in mind if you have a budget. On the mid to higher end models manufacturer’s usually have different battery options for example 350WH may be the standard option which you can upgrade to a 500WH for the extra range, but this will be more expensive.

Type of Bike: On small Electric bikes, like fold-ups for example it is very difficult to fit larger batteries to the frame so look out for Hybrid or Mountain electric bike options.

Long Tail cargo bike
Cargo Bike

Cargo bikes usually have very good range as their sole purpose is to carry goods for long periods. On some models like the Tern HS2 you can attach 2 x batteries to the frame to extend the range up to 150m!

4. Top 5 Reasons why people buy Long Range Ebikes

1. Peace of Mind – To eliminate ‘battery anxiety’
2. Convenience
– Charging required less often
3. Range
-To cover more distance on a single charge
4. Commuting
– Workplace does not have suitable charging facilities
5. Adventure
– Cycling holidays and long adventures

5. Our Top Recommendations for Long Range Ebikes

Make/Model: Giant Explore E+
Up to 80m on a single charge
Great for:
Commuting and Adventure
Price Range: £2500 – £3000

Long Range Ebikes
Giant Explore E +1

Number one on our list here is the Giant Explore E+1 which is a fantastic bike with plenty of range and from a reliability standpoint will not let you down.

Giant are a top tier manufacturer and not only do their bikes look great, they also come with quality components and plenty of options like frame style and battery size. The E+1 has the largest battery of the range (500WH) and comes equipped with lights, mudguards and pannier rack.

Read the Full Review of the Giant Explore E+1 electric bike here

Make/Model: Serial1
Type: Hybrid/ Urban
Range: Up to 115m on a single charge
Great for: Commuting and Adventure
Price Range:
£2500 – £3000

Serial 1

What makes the Serial 1 electric bike very cool in my view is that it is powered by Harley Davidson! These bikes are taking the market by storm, not just because of their excellent range ( up to 120m tried and tested) and power, but they are arguably one of the best looking ebikes out there on the market today.

See our Full review of the Serial 1 Ebike Here

Make/Model: Raleigh Centros Tour Derailleur
Hybrid/ Urban
Up to 100m on a single charge
Great for:
Commuting and Adventure
Price Range:
£1800 – £2000

Long Range Ebikes
Raleigh Centros Tour Derailleur

The Raleigh Centros Tour Derailleur is a solid , all round urban commuter with plenty of range. Raleigh have produced some excellent bikes over the years and their electric models are no exception.

Read the Full Review of the Raleigh Centros electric bike here


Long range Ebikes should be a key consideration for all the reasons explained in this article, but as technology improves I am excited to see what new innovations come out in the next few years to further enhance the rider experience and make it possible to go further and faster than ever before.

If you think about it, similar to buying an electric car, most would be put off by the amount of range the car can travel on a single charge, in addition to charging time, however we are now seeing huge increases in range due to new battery technologies coming into the market and before long this will feed down to the ebike market I am sure.

If you have any thoughts on this subject or would like to share what range you have managed to achieve on your electric bike then I would be really interested to hear from you.

In the meantime ride safe!

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  1. I have been reading that Delfast’s Prime electric bicycle has a Guinness world record of covering 367 km (228 mi) distance on a single charge. This has made me make up my mind and check into long range ebikes. I mean, it would be an excellent addition to my current business. Thanks for furthering my knowledge about long range ebikes.


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