Serial 1 Ebike Review From An Owner

For a while now we have been planning on posting a Serial 1 ebike review from an owner to get an authentic, honest appraisal of the bike everyone is talking about

So a big thank you to Terry Evans for this excellent review of his Serial One City Rush – Enjoy!

Make: Serial 1
Model: City Rush
Where to buy: Serial 1, the only eBike powered by Harley Davidson
Reviewed By: Terry Evans



Hi, I’m Terry Evans from northern New York this is my quick owner review of the serial one rush city model E bike.

Quick disclaimer, I don’t work for serial one or Harley-Davidson and I’m not profiting from this review in any manner.

 I have been a cyclist for decades and have also owned motorcycles, I’ve ridden E bikes for three years

 I was looking for a premium throttle free commuter bike and this model fits the bill.

I’ve customised my bike with a Brooks of London leather saddle and saddle bag I’ve also added grips and a bag on the rear rack as well as a seats shock absorber stem

 So, without further ado let’s get to my review!

First impressions

So, this is the bike prior to any customization I’m impressed with the well-balanced design and overall appeal cables are integrated into the frame giving it a clean and slick look

Serial 1 review


Brakes, Tyres and LightsSerial 1 Review

The Serial 1 comes equipped with Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with four piston calibres, and heavy-duty brake rotors give this bike great stopping power.


 The shwalbe Supermoto X tyres really do the job as far as shock absorption, front and rear racks as well as full coverage fenders come standard on this model

the front led headlight provides ample lighting the signature light which illuminates on the tube is very very cool gets a lot of attention the led taillights are integrated with the brakes


The Brose are around LCD colour display controller does a good job even in bright sunlightSerial 1 Review

There are 4 ‘in ride’ modes which include eco, tour, sport and boost –  frankly I usually use eco for pleasure riding and tour when I’m going to work so I don’t show up smelling like I left the gym! ‘sport mode’ works well enough on the hills and I’ve very rarely used boost

It’s easy to toggle back and forth to get the information you need on the user display, and this controller offers a wealth of additional information beyond the usual options.

Unique Features – Serial 1 Ebike Review

One unique feature on the Serial 1 is this integrated lockable glove box  great place to store some cash and id or keysSerial 1 reviewSerial 1 Review

Another helpful feature is this integrated 706 removable battery which can be charged on or off the bike –



Whats the Range like on the Serial 1 Ebike?

Serial One states the range is between 25 and 115 miles on a full charge, I routinely get 80 – 90 miles contending with hills and varying weather

Full charging time is about 5 hours

Yet another cool feature is this gates carbon drive belt silent and requires no maintenance – if you have ever arrived at work with grease all over your pant leg that won’t happen here!

Serial 1 Motor, Drive Train and Speed.

 The bike is well powered with the Bros mid drive motor and the Enviolo AUTOMATiQ intelligent auto-shifting system is really a true game changer

serial 1 review

this technology works seamlessly to provide the rider with an infinite number of gears without any rider input

 regardless of terrain I’m always in the right gear and Enviolo offers an intuitive app that allows you to fully customize the parameters and cadence

Pedal assist is limited to 20 miles an hour which makes this legal in most areas of the United states including state parks federal parks certainly here in New York



Pros & Cons – Serial 1 Ebike Review

in summary I have to say that I’m extremely pleased with this bike, it really is one of the better purchases I’ve ever made I think serial one is really hit a home run

I’m hard pressed to find one single thing that I dislike about this bike it’s exactly as described it’s exactly what I wanted


Final Thoughts – Serial 1 Ebike Review

riding a serial one is truly unique it feels like the bike completely disappears and you are just ‘at one’ with the bike, it’s something that I’ve never experienced in decades bike riding

if you’re interested, I’d suggest you get to a Harley-Davidson dealership and test ride one yourself

Reviewed by : Terry Evans, New York

Serial 1 Specs

Type: Urban/ Commuter
Motor: Mid Drive, Brose S Mag
Torque: 90nm
Drive Belt: Gates Carbon Fibre
Transmission/ Gears: AUTOMATiQ intelligent automatic transmission
Battery: 706WH Lithiom-ion
Range: 25 – 115 Miles on a single charge
Charge Time:3.5hrs
Brakes: Disc Front and Rear
Lights: LED Front & Rear as standard
Display: Brose Colour LCD

Where Can I buy a Serial 1?

Buy Yours Here – >Serial 1, the only eBike powered by Harley Davidson

Serial 1 have recently rolled their bikes out in Europe including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK, mainly within Harley Davidson outlets however, these bikes will be restricted to 15.5mph which is the legal limit Vs 20mph if bought in the US.


 Serial 1 Ebike Review – Conclusion

The Serial 1 is a solid machine and made with quality components which although comes with a price tag in the region of $5000 is extreemly good value when you consider the collaboration with Harley Davidson.

There are several variations of this particular model with step through frame options available also.

Many sugggest the Enviolo system is a game changer in the ebike market to further enhance the rider experience as this technology has not been seen before. Riders do not have to change gear as the system takes care of this and knows what gear the rider needs to be in at all times. The Rush City models come equipped with a 700WH battery so the range is excellent as per terry’s review he can comfortably get 80 -90miles on a single charge which is similar to the manufacturer estimates.

As this review suggests, the Serial 1 is a quality piece of engineering and should be at the top of your lists if you are looking for a commuter bike.


Buy yours Here -> Serial 1, the only eBike powered by Harley Davidson

We hope you enjoyed this owner review and if you have any questions or would like to share your own experience of this bike then please drop us a message below



Serial 1 City Rush




Build Quality








20 thoughts on “Serial 1 Ebike Review From An Owner”

  1. Terry, thank you so much for the review. I really enjoy it, and I love how detailed your pictures are! First off, about that battery-powered lockable glove box? That’s just superb! Plus, my dad has a thing with his old legs too– he was thinking of upgrading to an electric bike like this one because some days climbing up hills is hard on him. And from what I can tell…the price point seems reasonable as well (especially considering all these great features).

    • Hey, thanks for you comments, I agree this would be a great option for your dad as more seniors are turning to ebikes to get them riding again

  2. I am happy I came across your site. I am also a huge fan of motorcycles and bicycles. And since I started hearing about Serial 1 ebike, I was interested. And now that I have read your review, and know that you have years evaluating other bikes, I am more eager to buy a Serial1 for myself. Thank you!

  3. Electric bikes are making waves, I believe these bikes are great to have to make life easy for you, gone are the days when we peddle bikes. With the help of modern technology, bikes have come a long way and I am sure that so many persons like myself appreciate these types of bikes. Thanks so much for the breakdown and for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comments Norman, Yes Ebike are here to stay and with collaborations like this with Harley Davidson shows many of the manufacturers see them as a viable mode of transport for the future.

  4. Thanks for the detailed review, I love biking and have played in my mind to purchase an e-bike, but didn’t know what to look for.

    I like the compartment to lock your keys and what not away.

    I don’t know any one who is an owner of an e-bike, but the sure are a hit in the future

  5. I have been considering getting an electric bike for quite some but I held back because I didn’t know anyone who actually had one.  A lot of things look good in theory but don’t work well in practice.  I’m pleased to see this review from someone who has used an electric bike for several years and feels that the bike is a good value with no downside.  I also like the fact that he states an average of 80-90 miles from a full charge.  I live in a rural area so this is an important piece of information.  Thank you for this post!

    • Hi Cynthia, As Terry pointed out in his review, the range on this bike is superb and will be a good option if you live in a rural area 

  6. Hey Terry, 

    These bikes look awesome! I am super interested. I had looked at ones similar to them a while back but they just weren’t proven yet. It seems they have come a long way and with the involvement of a long-standing company like Harley-Davidson, I would imagine they are much better engineered to last. 

    I love riding a bike but at my age just can’t last like I used to. This might just be a perfect fit for me!

    Thanks for sharing providing this site, I am going to explore it a bit more!


  7. Great Post; I loved watching your video and found it to be very detailed. I wish electric bikes were invented when I was younger. I most certainly would love one.
    I’ll add it to my Christmas wish list.

  8. Ooooh, you had me at Harley Davidson! 😎
    Seriously, this e-bike looks amazing. I live in South Africa and one of our biggest challenges is bike jacking (like hijacking, only for bikes). Riding a bike like this may have advantages in getaway speed. What are your thoughts on this?
    Here’s to many cycling miles ahead!

    • Thanks Louise, this is a highly desirable ebike worth over £3k so if there is a high level of ‘bike jacking’ then I would be wary of this for safety reasons.

  9. Thank you very much for your review, it’s definitely a division of water to my decision to buying my Serial one bicycle 🚲, if you no mind can you helping me out with the link for accessories you have done in your bicycle? I love to do the same in my bicycle when I have it delivered! Thank you very much and one more time congrats for your nice review!

    • Hey Ricardo, Thanks for your comments and glad you liked the review! The Handlebar Grips are can be bought here, The saddle and saddle bag are both Brooks of England , The bag on the rear rack was something Tery (Who Owns the bike)picked up on sale at a local store and not specifically for biking

  10. Thanks Terry,
    I very much enjoyed your review.
    I note that you have added Kinekt stem and seat post suspension. I ride with both of those on my present e-bike and find them essential for torn-up city roads.
    My question: Was it difficult to install the stem suspension with all the wiring in the stem?
    Many thanks for your help with this.

    • Hi, please see below response from Terry who owns the bike:

      Thank you for your question. I have a similar brand to Kinekt on my bike. I had zero issues with installation as there was no wiring in the stem.
      I hope this helps.
      All the best,


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