Small Electric Bikes For Adults – Buyers guide

With electric bike sales going through the roof globally and more people looking at ebikes as a viable alternative to commuting into work,  finding the right size bike has always been a challenge especially for the shorter riders out there.

So here we look at small electric bikes for adults and which models are best suited to those of us if that are on the shorter side.

Small electric bikes for adults – do they exsist?

Small electric bikes for adults

As someone who has short legs myself, it really can be challenge finding the right size bike –

One of the main issues people have is manufacturer frame sizes are not ‘one size fits all’ and the type of  electric bike you want can be a conundrum, especially when you need to consider weight, range, what tyope of terrain you will be using it for and riding position the options can be limited.

Small electric bikes are out there in abundance, its just a case of narrowing down the options. My reccomendation as a starting point would be to look at folding models as they have smaller wheels and step through style frames which make it much easier when getting on and off the bike.

They also have a low centre of gravity so you will feel much more balanced when riding.

What frame style would be best suited to the smaller rider?

So, folding electric bikes tick many of the boxes here as they have smaller wheels and more compact frames as they are designed to be stored away in small places. Usually these are geared more toward the urban rider and commuter market, but now there are some good options out there if you fancy a bit of off-road too.

Although traditional ‘fold up’ bikes were meant to be portable, the Electric versions are still on the heavy side as they have to accomodate a battery and a motor for example which are added weight.

The good thing about Electric Folding bikes is they usually have losts of adjustment in the stem and the saddle height so you can configure these bikes more than you could a regular bike to accomodate short and tall riders.

Most folding options have hub based motors which are located in the centre of the back wheel usually, these have intergrated gears are usually maintainance free and work very well for the average rider.

What are the options?

Budget options under $1000:

FIIDO D2 Folding Electric Bike for Adults

  • Price: £599
  • Buy From: Amazon (As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases)

small electric bikes for adults

The Fiido Folding electric bike  has a compact alluminium frame weiging in at 19.5kg ( which is reasonable for an ebike) and can be easily folded away when not in use.

It comes with front and rear disc brakes ( Cable not hydraulic), 16 inch wheels, front headlight and metal mudguards front and rear which is nice to see and the quality looks good.

The Fiido also has a adjustable shock suspension on the rear which is adjustable to rider comfort.
There is also plenty of adjustment in both the handlebar stem and also the saddle, reach is good also for the shorter rider.

Fiido Claim the bike can to 20 -35KM in ‘Pure electric’ mode which means full assist, however on the medium assist it is capable of 40 -50KM which Is reasonable.

As with most fold up bikes, it has a brushless hub motor 250w with integrated gears ( so you wont need to shift either) – This is a sealed unit so no maintainance required. top speed is 15.5mph. The only downside to this bike is the battery does not appear to be removable ( located inside the cross bar) .

Small Electric bikes for adults






===>You can read more about Fiido D2 folding electric bike here<===

ANCHEER 20″ Electric  Folding City Commuter

  • Price: £739

Ancheer’s  20” foldable City Commuter is a cracking little ebike which you can pick up for under $800! This is more at the bottom end of the market but may be a good starter option without breaking the bank.

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The battery can be removed from the frame and charged on or off the bike which is handy, it also has a kickstand,disc brakes, mudflaps front and rear and comes commuter ready with lights and a rack.


Ancheer Folding Electric Bike Reviews

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ECOTRIC Starfish 20″ Folding Electric bike

  • Price: $699
  • Buy From: Amazon (As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases)

Small electric bikes for adults

US based Ecotric have some very good 20” folding options available in 3 colours. They also let you trial their bikes for 30 days ( US Based customers only) which is a great opportunity to try before you buy.

What I like about their models is they come with a pannier rack which is perfect if you are thinking of using as a commuter bike as you can attach a small pannier bag to carry your office equipment/ laptop etc.

The battery can also be removed with ease by flipping the saddle down and can be charged on or off the bike also.

There is only a disc brake at the rear which in my view for any Ebike should have disc brakes front and rear but I haven’t test rode this model so cant say for sure whether it is sufficient or not.

The bike with the battery weighs in at nearly 23KG but definately worth considering due to the trial period.

(As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases)

===>You can check out the ECO TRIC range here<===

Mid Range options Over $1000:

Small electric bikes for adultsMiRider One (2021 Edition) 

  • Price: $2084/ £1500

– At £1500 the MiRider One is definately going into to the mid range in terms of price, however there is a lot of bike here for the money in my view.

First of all its lighter than the rest at 17.2KG thanks to the light magnesium alloy frame, quick charging in 2-3 hours and will take you up to 40 miles on a full charge.

The battery is neatly concealed in the tube of the bike which has its own lock and can be removed if preferred to charge on or off the bike.  Other cool features are the single rear shock, muguards and disc brakes front and rear.

Top Speed is 15.5mph and it also has a front light included. The MiRider is a single speed which has 5 levels of assist ( including a thumb throttle) to help you up the hills, shwalbe puncture proof tyres and plenty of adjustment in the seatpost and handlebar stem.

small electric bikes for adults


Small Electric Bikes for Adults








(As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases)

===>You can check out the MiRider One Folding bike here<===

EUNORAU 20£ Foldable Stepthrough

Small electric bikes for adults

  • Price: $1100 / £795

Eunorau have some good bikes in this category if you are on the smaller side especially their 48V 20″ foldable step through.

These are good value leaning more on the budget side costing just over $1100/ or £860 which comes with fat tyres, removable lockable battery and claims to have a battery range of 40 – 50 miles.

The reviews online are positive on the EUNORAU and there is lots of adjustment available on the stem depending on riding style preferred as well as the saddle post, however the reach may be an issue for some.

===>You can check out the EUNORAU range here<===

Cargo Ebikes like the Tern HSD may also be a consideration as they are designed to carry some pretty heavy loads so require a low center of gravity.
These bikes are extremely useful and some consider them to be a car replacement as they usually have very good range, and on some models 2 x battery packs can fitted.

If you need to carry loads for long distances these bikes are perfect however tend to be on the heavy side.

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Key things to look out for?

  1. Battery Range – How far do you want to go on a single charge? The bigger the battery the more range you can expect – most budget ebikes should be able to do a minimum of 25 miles one a single charge, with higher end models able to achieve over 100 miles.Expect to pay more for longer battery range. Don’t always take the range advertised at face value from the manufactures as levels of assistance, rider weight and weather can significantly reduce battery range so if you have longer journeys in mind go for a 500wh battery pack which should be plenty.

  2. Weight – Electric bikes usually weigh anything from 13kg up to 30kg so this needs to be a consideration.

    This is down to the extra weight of the battery and motors. Cost is usually linked to weight, however manufacturers are in fierce competition to shave of the pounds to make these bikes more manageable to carry, especially the fold up market.

  3. Ease of use– often an afterthought but things like having the option to charge the battery on and off Small electric bikes for adults the bike need to be considered. Being able to remove the battery quickly and to leave charging while you are at the office can be very useful, but some models don’t have this option.

    I personally find this very useful as I can charge the battery when at the office or at home while I am doing other things. Its not a deal breaker , but it can make life a bit easier. Also the battery is one of the most expensive components on the bike so worth bearing this in mind.

  4. Bike size – make sure both feet can touch the ground and there is plenty of adjustment available ie the saddle and handlebars. For Shorter riders being able to dis- mount the bike safely is a must have.

    When riding your knees should be slightly bent at the lowest point when pedaling, if not this will cause problems over time and become uncomfortable on longer trips.

  5. Saddle comfort – most decent bike stores will swap the saddle for you before buying an ebike, from my own experience I have spent well over £3k on an ebike where the standard saddles are like being sat on a brick.

    Having a comfortable saddle makes such a difference on those long bike rides so if you have an upright the riding position go for the wider saddle, if you are leaning forward than a narrower saddle will be best.

Where to buy

Nowadays it is perfectly fine to buy ebikes online ( so long as you have done your research first or are a regular here), however when you are on the lookout for small Electric bikes for adults or specific requirements than I would strongly urge you to go and try some models out at your local ebike store.

Most Ebike suppliers will be more than happy to let you try out some suitable models that will be a perfect fit and within budget.

If you can’t get down to a local shop than most online retailers offer a no- quibble returns policy after 7 days so you can still buy online with options to return the bike if it is not right.

Final thoughts on Small Electric Bikes for Adults

I hope you found this post on small electric bikes for adults helpful as I believe your perfect ride is out there, without having to compromise on looks, comfort and quality.
At Electric bike buyer we try to give the best help and advice possible on ebikes including reviews and buyer guides to hopefully point you in the right direction but please get in touch below if you need any further help.

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11 thoughts on “Small Electric Bikes For Adults – Buyers guide”

  1. Small electric bikes could be a really good option for a college student or others who just can not afford a car. Are there any problems with these bikes in regards be being street legal? Do you have to get it registered, with a license plate and all that stuff? I had a dirtbike when I was a kid, but I could not ride it on the normal streets.

    • Hi and thanks for your comment, the quick answer is no, you don’t need a licence or plates, these bikes are street legal! If you haven’t tried one yet I would strongly recommend as they are great fun! Dan

  2. I don’t have the option of testing an e-bike at a local shop. So, I’m glad to read that most online retailers offer a no- quibble returns policy after 7 days. This encourages me to buy online. I really like the ECOTRIC bikes. Especially the fact that they fold, making it easy to transport and store.

  3. Great information, many will find this post very useful. very true it can be challenging to find a bike that will suit you. But you have really made life easy for many. The bikes are very nice and I think the prices are resonable even affordable. I don’t even know that you can try it out before buying.

    • Hi, yes buying online nowadays is much easier with the added comfort of no quibble refunds if the bike is not suitable. Dan

  4. I didn’t realize there was so much to do with electronic bikes. It always seamed like something trendy but not really that interesting. Thanks for posting this, it definitely brought electric bikes and their usefulness into perspective for me. Now that I know more it’s something I’m going to look into as a serious purchase.

    • Hi, ebikes are great fun and I strongly recommend giving one a test run. Let me know if you need any pointers in the meantime. Dan

  5. I was just recently talking with my dad about these folding bikes because he truly wants one but I had no idea where to even start looking for one. He doesn’t have a car so he’s trying to find other transportation methods and of course, a good bike was in his plans. I’m really glad I came across this post so now I can have more knowledge on what and how to help him find the right fit for him regardless of his height and weight. 

    • Hi Stephanie, a folding option would be a great choice for your dad as they are easy to get on and off. My Aunt has a Raleigh Centros which isn’t a fold up but has a step through frame so perfect for seniors  – you can check out in the ‘reviews’ section of the site. Dan

  6. Thanks for this great review.

    We love travelling, particularly sailing and were considering a fold-up bike that we can explore many places and yet be able to store aboard our sailboat.

    I had never considered an electric bike before and was unaware they came in foldable styles.

    That is something worth thinking about because it means we can explore a bit further than just pedalling.

    Do you think they might be too heavy for our purposes? Would they be difficult loading on and off the boat?

    • Hey Deborah, glad you liked the post- most fold ups are very compact so would be perfect to being on the boat. I have see some models that are around 15kg which is pretty lightweight for an ebike. Drop me a line if you want any suggestions. Dan


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