Top Tube Bike Bag Review – Two Wheel Gear

Top Tube Bike BagIf you dont yet have a Top Tube Bike Bag as part of your set up when commuting then you really need to read this review!

Having convenient places to stash things like phones, wallet and headphones when riding is just a game changer ,and something I did not realise I needed until now.

So here is my tried and tested Two Wheel Gear ‘Commute Top Tube Bag’ Review – Enjoy!

(I do not do paid reviews, everything here is based on my own experience and I will only recommend top quality products)

Top Tube Bike Bag Review

Product Name: Two Wheel Gear – Commute Top Tube Bag
Product Type: Bike Commuting and Travel Bag
Colour: Black
Where to Buy: Amazon
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Top Tube Bike Bag

Bag Features –

  • Will fit almost any bike – Adjustable top tube frame attachment
  • Made of TPE Waterproof backed 600D Polyester
  • Internal Organization with Key Clip
  • Exterior Quick Access Pocket
  • Reflective Design with Loops for Lights
  • Can clip onto other Two Wheel Gear Products as part of modular system

Top Tube Bike Bag

Out of the Box – First Impressions

Packaging was very simple, clipped onto cardboard which contained brief instructions on the rear side.

I chose the black as this matches my Pannier Rucksack which also has the red drawstrings which look very cool.

The Look and feel of the bag are top quality and you can clearly see the care and attention to detail that Two Wheel Gear always achieve in their products.

The zipped pocket is clearly waterproof and has a small ‘Hood’ which the zip can be tucked into for extra protection from the elements.

Two Wheel Gear have made their logo small which I like as it doesn’t take center stage and is in proportion to the overall size of the bag.

Inside the bag there is the main compartment for things like a phone, wallet, with a couple of small pockets on one side for keys with a clip etc.

Top Tube Bike Bag

On the outside of the back there is a ‘quick access’ pocket fastened by a popper which is perfect if for a travel rail card or pass if needed.Top Tube Bike Bag

Top Tube Bike Bag

Top Tube Bike Bag -Is it Waterproof?

The Commute Top Tube Bag is Waterproof and made out of TPE Waterproof
Backed 600D Polyester which so far has been fine in some pretty heavy downpours.

No issues with the contents being wet so a big thumbs up here. however, the external Quick Access pocket is not designed to be waterproof so need to make sure this is not used for anything electrical.

Setup and Ease of use

Very easy to install, There are 2 loops at the front for the stem attachment which can be changed easily which I had to do on my particular bike.

There are two Velcro straps which loop around the top frame which secure the bag in place and I have no issues with it tipping to one side even over bumpy terrain.

Top Tube Bike BagTop Tube Bike Bag – Storage and Compartments

OK lets be honest here, this bag is designed for convenience so don’t expect to cram it full of gear, its just a very handy extra bit of storage so you don’t need to rummage around in your pannier or backpack, but that said, any extra space on a bike is welcome!

When commuting, I sometimes use the Top Frame Bag to store a power bank as my phone is usually in a holder on the handlebars which is really useful if I’m low on charge.

Below is a list of what I usually carry in this bag as a point of reference

  • Sunglasses
  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Phone + Charger + power Bank
  • Sweets /Gum

What’s The Top Tube Bike Bag  Like On The Bike?

It looks at home on the bike and doesn’t look odd in my view like some other top tube bike bags I have seen.

I like that the bag does not move and feels securely attached. Being at the top of the frame toward the handlebars it also does not impede on any element of the riding experience whatsoever.

Top Tube Bike Bag

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Top Tube Bike Bag Cool Features

Something that has really impressed me about this bag is that it has been designed to be part of a modular system!

It can be clipped onto backpacks and other Two Wheel Gear Products using a very discrete clip shown below, so when removed from the bike you don’t have to carry the bag separately which is a very nice touch.

Top Tube Bike Bag

See in this example where I have clipped it onto my Pannier backpack.

Top Tube Bike Bag

There is another clip on the left-hand side of the backpack for other smaller bags like the Saddle Pack

Pros & Cons –
Two Wheel Gear Pannier Duffel Bag



Two Wheel Gear Pannier Duffel Bag Review

  • Easy to Attach
  • Practical
  • Perfect for small items
  • Waterproof
  • Good Quality
  • Modular Attachements


  • Cant find any yet


Similar Product Comparision

Top Tube Bike bags are nothing new, however what separates Two Wheel Gear’s version from the rest is the very small but important details they consider in their design.

Topeak tend to play in this space and have a variety of similar products to this one, the nearest comparison being their Fast Fuel Top Tube Bag.

Although the Topeak top tube bag is similar in function, I don’t think it looks quite as well-made and some reviews have questioned the quality, but I haven’t reviewed myself so would be unable to confirm whether this is the case.

Final Thoughts – Two Wheel Gear Commute Top Tube Bike Bag

Reid Hemsing who is the CEO of two wheel gear states he doesn’t just want to make bike bags, he wants to make the ‘Cadillac of Bike Bags’ and this definitely shines through in all of their products I have reviewed to date.

Reid is a ‘bike guy’ and understands what a massive difference good design can do to help out the rider on a day-to-day basis.

So if you are a commuter, a weekend tourer or thinking of doing some ‘BikePacking’ then you need this Top Tube Bike Bag as part of your overall set up. It will make life easier on the road and help you to stay organized on longer trips knowing exactly where your valuables are at all times – Right under your nose!

For just under $50 ( £40) you wont find a better quality Top Frame Bag in my opinion

(As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases)

==>You can buy the Two Wheel Gear Top Tube Bag Here<==

I hope you found this review of this  Two Wheel Gear ‘Commute Top Tube Bike Bag’ useful and I would love to hear your thoughts if you use this product or something similar so please drop me a message below.

Two Wheel Gear Commute Top Tube Bag






Ease Of Use


Value For Money




8 thoughts on “Top Tube Bike Bag Review – Two Wheel Gear”

  1. What a nifty idea – I love it. I have been looking for something just like this for my bike, as carrying everything in my rucksack is not great when you need to find something in a hurry.

    I just wanted to ask how the bag stays on top of the bike without sliding around to underneath the bar? Does it have a bracket on the inside or something?

    • Hey Michel, the bag attaches to the handlebar stem and has 2 Velcro loops underneath so is pretty secure. Glad you liked the review

  2. It’s the first time I’m coming across this type of storage. Looks very handy. I recently acquired a larger smartphone and it’s very uncomfortable in the trouser pockets, even for casual rides. And it’s not every day I’m carrying a backpack. The first thought that crossed my mind was if it’s waterproof but I quickly came across that info on your post. Thanks for this, will for sure visit Amazon and check them out.

    • Thanks Steve, these top tube bags are perfect for things like phone, wallet keys etc and you won’t be disappointed in the quality either. 

  3. I really like how practical this top tube bike bag is. I have been using my bike a lot during this pandemic and lockdown. And now that we have gained mobility again, I kept on using it for healthy reasons. However, I am realizing how many times it’s handy to have a little compartment where to place things we need to transport. This small bag will do the trick for me. 

  4. Wow, this is some seriously helpful information thanks!

    Like you mentioned in the beginning, I too didn’t realise this was something I needed until now-as never gave it thought, but like many, just constantly get frustrated with having to grab out my ringing phone/wallet etc out of my backpack everytime-as of course it involved completely stopping and all. 

    This is a great idea, as can see how very helpful this would be on the go-I’ll definitely be looking to pick one of these up asap!

    Thanks for sharing, I seriously didn’t even know these were a thing, so that’s very helpful info to know. 


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