Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack – Review

Sometimes ‘Less is more’ when it comes to bike bags and having somewhere to stash a few tools and a bike repair kit under your seat is a ‘must have’ for any commuter

Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack

So here is our Two Wheel Gear commute seat pack review which provides a helpful 1.5L of extra storage.

(I do not do paid reviews, everything here is based on my own experience and I will only recommend top quality products)

Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack – Review

Product Name: Two Wheel Gear – Commute Seat Pack
Product Type: Bike Commuting and Travel Bag
Color: Black
Where to Buy: Two Wheel Gear

under seat bike bag

Bag Features – Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack

Two wheel commute seat bag

  • 1.5 litres of storage
  • Universal will fit any bike saddle
  • Made of TPE Waterproof backed 600D Polyester
  • Internal Organization with Key Clip
  • Exterior Quick Access Pocket
  • Reflective Design with Loops for Lights
  • Can clip onto other Two Wheel Gear Products as part of modular system

Out of the Box – First Impressions

The bag comes attached to a cardboard placeholder which has basic instructions on the back with a few diagrams of how to attach to the bike.

All the bags from Two Wheel Gear I have reviewed have come in black which all match and come with the signature red drawstrings which look very cool and look like a ‘set’ when on the bike if you have any of their other gear.

Overall the look and feel of the bag is top quality which strikes you from the off-set. This is a premium product and you can tell this immediately.

Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack - ReviewTwo Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack - Review


The main compartment inside the bag is perfect for things like tools, repair kit or a roll up rain mac. There are also a few small pockets to stash away a few essentials including a key clip.

Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack - Review

There is a very handy external pocket on the side of the pack which would be useful for something like a travel card or pass

two wheel gear commute seat packtwo wheel gear commute seat pack

Is it Waterproof?two wheel gear commute seat pack

The two wheel gear commute seat pack is Waterproof and made out of TPE Waterproof
Backed 600D Polyester. Even though the bag is partially protected from the elements as it is under the seat I have not had any issues with the contents inside being wet whatsoever.

As you can see in the picture, the zip has a good waterproof ‘seal’ which works well and is found on most Two Wheel Gear products.

Setup and Ease of use

I found this bag very easy to install and instructions although basic are pretty straight forward.

There is a single Velcro strap on the front which attached to the saddle stem and a strap which you thread through the underside of the seat bars. Simply clip together and tighten as required.

Storage and Compartments

The two wheel gear commute seat pack is a faily large under seat bike bag which provides 1.5L of storage and is bigger than most under seat bike bags. They claim that you can fit a mini pump in here, however mine was too long but I’m sure some would fit if needed.

When riding this under seat bike bag sits very secure and I have not had any issues with it coming loose, even over some off-road trails in the woods.

Below is a list of what I usually carry in this bag as a point of reference

  • Puncture Repair Kit
  • Alan Keys / Tools
  • Rain Mack

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What’s It Like On The Bike?

In my opinion this bag looks great on the bike and sits well under the seat.

I would say it does impede slightly onto the pannier rack, however unless you are carrying anything on top of the pannier rack this won’t be an issue as I have used with several panniers with no issues.

The bag is slightly upright so the contents do not fall out when you open it up.

two wheel gear commute seat pack

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Cool Features

Two Wheel Gear have come up with a genius design here where their bags have a special clip which attaches to some of their other bags like the pannier backpack. This modular design is very useful so you don’t need to carry the bag separately, it can be clipped on for convenience.

two wheel gear commute seat pack

See in this example where I have clipped it onto my Pannier backpack.

two wheel gear commute seat pack

There is another clip on the left-hand side of the backpack for other smaller bags like the Top tube Bag

Pros & Cons –
Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack


Two Wheel Gear Pannier Duffel Bag Review

  • Very Easy to Attach
  • 1.5 Litres of Extra Storage
  • Perfect for tools
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent Quality
  • Modular Attachments


  • Cant find any yet

Similar Product Comparison

The closest comparison I could find was the ROCKBROS Bike Saddle Bag which also has 1.5 litres of storage and was slightly cheaper from a cost perspective ( around $25)

After reading some reviews online, most people were happy with this product, however there seem to be some issues with excess material getting in the way of the zipper. This in some cases forced users to cut off excess material which is not good design.

The Two Wheel Gear Commute Saddle Pack really is a quality piece of equipment and their attention to detail never disappoints which in my view warrants the extra cost and is one of the best bycycle seat bags on the market right now in my view.

Final Thoughts – Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack

Having reviewed several Two Wheel Gear Products to date, my ‘go to’ set up consists of the Pannier Backpack, the Top Tube Frame Pack and this Commute Saddle Pack, all of which just makes everything much easier having quick access to things like my Rain Mack or tools when needed without having to use up valuable pannier space.

If you are looking for a solid Under Seat Bike Bag then I strongly recommend this product as you will struggle to find anything out there that is as good quality for your daily commute.

==>You can buy the Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack Here<==

I hope you found my Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack Review helpful and I would love to hear your thoughts if you use this product or something similar so please drop me a message below.

two wheel gear commute seat pack 1.5L






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Value For Money




16 thoughts on “Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack – Review”

  1. This looks like a great product, Dan.
    I especially like that it slants upwards which prevents everything from falling out when you open it. I have a great seat pack currently and found that upward slant to be essential, especially if you are caught in a hurry and/or in bad weather, for example. When the time comes that I need to replace my current seat pack, I shall be back to your site for a recommendation – the two-wheel Gear looks great.

  2. Hi, this is a good review. The two-wheel gear commute seat pack appeals to me since it is easy to attach, excellent for tools, waterproof, and has modular attachments. I, too, could not identify any issues with it, and I believe it is ideal for me. Of course, I enjoy how the bag looks on the bike and how well it fits under the seat.

    Thank you very much.

  3. I do agree with you that less is more in a lot of areas and this definitely applies with the Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack. I do enjoy biking and I appreciate your review. I have saved the website for future reference and to share with others. All the Best.

  4. This looks very handy and cost-friendly. It’s also non-intrusive as it’s out of the way under the seat. I’m however worried about it unclipping somehow (unlikely) and falling down. Chances are you’ll never feel it, only to discover later it’s no longer there! Apart from that concern, I’d recommend it. Not been on a long ride though for a while, maybe it’s now time.

    • Hi Steve, the bag is also strapped to the saddle as well as the clip so the chances of both failing at the same time is pretty unlikely in my view. Both fastenings are very secure so I wouldn’t say this is a concern on this bag, could be an issue on some of the cheaper versions though. Thanks for your comment. Dan 

  5. Hi, This looks a very good bag to have instead of a back pack. I like how it is secured to the bike under the seat out of the way. Also, the bag looks like it could hold quite a bit of stuff, I like how you displayed the product on your website I got a real good understanding of the product. I think its a good buy. Mark

  6. I like that this bag can be placed under the seat. I used to have an under seat bag but it was so small that most of the stuff I wanted to take with me I ended up caring in my hand. But I see by the pictures (and knowing it’s capable of 1.5 litres of storage) that I won’t have that problem any more. Thank you!

  7. I honestly never knew that there were so many accessories for bikes. I have just recently decided to buy myself a bike. I haven’t had an outdoor non stationary bike in years. This seat pack will definitely come in handy for me to carry all my stuff. I am saving this article to come back to after I have found my bike.

  8. Hi Dan, 

    The Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Pack looks like a great piece of kit especially for those items you want to get to in a hurry. You mention puncture repair kit, tools and rain jacket. Does the puncture repair kit also have a spare tube with it? If not would there be room for one of those as well. I’ve found it easier in the past just to change out the tube and then fix the puncture when I get home.

    Thanks for a comprehensive review.


    • Hi Andrew, that’s a good point and yes you could definitely fit a spare tube in there – it’s slightly larger than the standard under seat bags for this reason.


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