What Is The Best E Bike For A 30 Mile Commute?

So, what is the best e bike for a 30 mile commute to work that will tick all of your boxes in terms of style, reliability and rider experience?

Here we will run through what’s important and what’s not including our top 5 picks for 30 mile commuters so that you make the right choice and don’t find yourself suffering from battery anxiety ( or worse) on your way back home.

What Is The Best E Bike For a 30 Mile Commute?

If your commute is a 30-mile round trip then this is perfectly doable on an electric bike on a single charge however when looking at range, search for models with more range than you require as there will be several factors that affect how quickly your battery depletes.

Most Manufacturers provide an expected battery range on a single charge based on the rider using a balanced level of assistance however these are just a guideline and there are several factors that may affect this.

For example on a 30 mile commute, you want to be looking at battery range of around at least 40 – 60 miles to accommodate rider weight, type of terrain, cold weather and how much assist you require.

What type of e bike battery do I need for a 30 Mile Commute?

First of all, please do not buy a conversion kit with a large battery and a motor that is not adequate to cope with the output on a 30 mile commute as you will be heading for big reliability issues.

Always go for an Ebike from a reputable manufacturer as everything is dialed in and the components are designed to minimize reliability issues.

In terms of Battery you should be looking at models with around 750WH which will give you more than enough range for a 30 mile commute, depending on make and model of the bike these can achieve ranges of up to 80 miles on a single charge.

From a cost perspective, larger battery ranges usually hikes up the cost so you could consider charging the battery at your place of work if this is possible which may open up some other options.

Most batteries take between 4 – 6 hours to charge so this could be a good option and would mean you could go for models which have batteries somewhere in the 500WH range which would easily get you one way.

Reliability & Cost

Whether it’s a 30-mile round trip or 30 miles each way, reliability should be at the top of your list and this is where you need to be realistic in terms of budget.

To ensure you are looking in the right ball park I would suggest setting your budget at around the £2500/ $3000 mark and look at models with a high end motor, quality gearset/ components and will perform well in various terrains and weather conditions.

Mudguards front and rear, decent lights and a pannier rack will make life much easier on longer commutes.

Our Top 5 E Bikes for a 30 Mile E bike Commute

For our top 5 we have considered not just range, but looks, rider comfort, reliability and practicality so here we go…

1. Giant Explore E+

What is the best ebike for a 30 mile commute

Manufacturer: Giant
Model: Explore E+1/ E+0 / Pro
Type: Hybrid
Battery: 750Wh
Range: 60-80 Mile on a single charge
Reliability: Excellent

Our Verdict: Top of the tree is the Giant Explore, tried and tested over the last 2 years and has turned out to be a powerful, reliable ebike that is perfect for the daily commuter and will more than accommodate those longer commutes.

The E+ 0/1 and pro models come commuter ready out of the box with a 750WH battery, Yamaha sync drive sport Motor which kicks out 90nm of torque, mudguards, strong pannier rack, lights front and rear with a kickstand as well.

The Explore is so versatile with front sun- tour front shocks, performs well on the tracks if you fancy some off-road fun at the weekends!

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2. Raleigh Centros Tour

What is the best e bike for a 30 mile commute

Manufacturer: Raleigh
Model: Centros Tour
Type: Hybrid
Battery: Bosch Power Tube 500Wh – 36V
Range: 80+Mile on a single charge
Reliability: Excellent

Our Verdict: The Raleigh Centros Tour is a true work- horse, perfect for the urban rider with plenty of range.

Raleigh has a long history of producing excellent bikes and have used great components on this model which includes Shimano deor 10 speed shifters and chain set, a powerful Bosch active line mid- drive motor and the bike comes complete with guards, lights and rack ready for your commute.

Also, available in Crossbar or low- step frame types.

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3. Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625

what is the best ebike for a 30 mile commute

Manufacturer: Cube
Model: Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625
Type: Hybrid/ Touring
Battery: Bosch Power Tube 625Wh
Range: 70Miles on a single charge
Reliability: Excellent

Our Verdict: the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 is a solid all round machine from a reputable brand that comes with high end components such as Bosch’s PowerTube 625wh battery and powerful Bosch 4th gen Performance CX line Mid Drive motor (85nm).

This alongside Shimano 11 speed gears and disc brakes make for a quality combination of parts that should deliver a smooth, reliable ride whatever the weather throws at you.

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4. Serial 1 City Rush

what is the best ebike for a 30 mile commute


Manufacturer: Serial 1 (Harley Davidson
Model: City Rush
Type: Urban/ Touring
Battery: 706WH
Range: 80 Miles on a single charge
Reliability: Great

Our Verdict: The Serial 1 (formally Harley Davidson) is in our top 5 not only because it is a bit of a head turner and a very cool e bike, but it has some excellent range of up to 80 mile on a single charge.

The City Rush is perfect for commuters as it has integrated lights, racks and guards in addition to a small ‘Glove Box’ integrated into the frame and the Enviolo Gear system is also what some consider to be a ‘Game Changer’ in the industry making for a very enjoyable ride.

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5. Raleigh Motus

what is the best e bike for a 30 mile commute

Manufacturer: Raleigh
Model: Motus
Type: Urban/ Touring
Battery: Bosch Power Tube 500Wh – 36V
Range: 80 Miles on a single charge
Reliability: Great

Our Verdict: Another Raleigh yes, but the Motus is a bit lighter on the pocket than the Centros yet for the money provides a solid all round E bike with plenty of range to easily see you through a 30-mile round trip to work.

The Motus does not look quite as ‘Integrated’ as the Centros and comes with less ‘Bells and whistles’, but it still has a Bosch mid- drive motor and shimano gears in addition to disc brakes, guards, lights and a rack.

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What else do I need for a 30 mile ebike commute?

Within your budget you may also want to consider what accessories will be required such as frame bags, saddle bags and panniers.

Top Tube Bags

what is the best e bike for a 30 mile commute

These are very handy for stashing things like keys, snacks and wallets, I highly recommend the Top Tube Bag from 2Wheel Gear

–>See our Review of the Top Tube Bag Here<–

Saddle Bags:

what is the best e bike for a 30 mile commute

This one from 2 wheel Gear can add another 1.5L of storage and is great for keeping spare inner tube and tools just in case of any breakdowns.

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2 in 1 Convertible Backpack Pannier:

what is the best ebike for a 30 mile commute

Personally, this bag has been a life saver for me and is the perfect size to carry everything I need for work

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Decent Lockswhat is the best e bike for a 30 mile commute

You may need to check that you have somewhere to secure your e bike when you get to work, regardless of how great a lock you buy, but either way go for a Gold Sold Secure D-Lock (or Two) if you are leaving somewhere for long periods of time and always remove the battery.

For extra tips on securing your ebike click here

Conclusion – What Is The Best E Bike For A 30 Mile Commute?

I hope all the above has offered you some sound advice on what is the best e bike for a 30 mile commute alongside some ideas of what type of e bike would be best suited for your needs.

Hybrids are the best for commuting in my view as they are more versatile and usually come commuter ready with Mudguards, Lights and a rack rather than you having to bolt these on as an after thought.

Whatever you decide on, a 30-mile round trip to work on an electric bike is a breeze ( I do this daily) and especially in the summer months it is the most enjoyable form of travel beating the Train, Bus or Car every time! And the best part of all…. is not even breaking a sweat!

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If you currently commute to work by ebike please drop us a message below as I would love to hear your experience or any thoughts/ advice you would like to share on this subject.

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  1. I have a 37-mile urban commute. And my main concern is being able to do this distance with one charge. Thank you for providing us with these options. I would like to buy the Raleigh Centros Tour. I have also heard before that this bike is a true workhorse. So, your review made me make up my mind about this option.

  2. This is a timely article. Thanks. We are currently looking at e-bikes and this information is extremely helpful. We are moving soon to a new community and biking will be our preferred form of transportation in getting around. I have saved your article for future reference as well.

  3. Great article, Dan. I’ve always had a thing for bicycles, especially mountain bikes for leisure rides, but I’m yet to upgrade to electric ones. I’ve always been concerned about the reliability of the battery over the long term and the costs involved. But I’m sure as they are becoming more popular in my locality, these issues will decrease over time.

    • Hey Kip, Thanks for your comment. Understand your concerns around reliability with the price of some e-bikes but you should check out this article as there are several things you can look out for before buying.

  4. These bikes are just simply amazing, it is so good to know that these bike types can make your travel time so much easier and faster. As a kid, I had a few bikes that I love to ride but these electric bikes are so amazing. Thanks so much for sharing

  5. Such a nice and thoughtful article. Really helped me to understand and choose the bike. I am going with Raleigh Centros. Thanks for the great work.

    • Mathan, thank you so much for your comments, The Raleigh Centros is a great ebike and I’m glad this review helped you decide. Enjoy your new ride!

  6. None of these will work. The motors are too small for 30 mile commutes each day – I know – I do it. You need 1000W minimum motor “continuous” rating – preferably 1500W “continuous” (and not peak) – and not for the speed but to make sure you are not over-taxing the motor. Burning a motor out from normal use is easy to do and the motors are expensive to replace even for a DIY person. My commuting speed is around 20-24 mph +/- depending on grade. I don’t want to go slower because the commute takes too long. Definitely go higher power if you have frequent stops/starts – like at traffic lights or stop signs. The E-bike still gives a great workout… I get to my workplace a sweaty mess and am lucky to have access to a shower room. Good luck with your selection of an E-bike. (Oh… another thing… don’t think you will save lots of money commuting with an E-bike… between replacing tires, replacing motors, and replacing batteries the cost of operation is around 30 cents a mile compared to around 60 cents a mile for a conventional automobile. Yes, it’s cheaper, but definitely not free. This cost does not factor in the cost of special clothing you may need to commute in colder or wet weather – which can be several hundred dollars – depends on how hard-core you want to be – and this can be amortized over 10 years or so. Battery recharge cost is trivial in comparison (around 1kWh to recharge a 650 Watt-Hour battery – which is around 30 cents in my area).

    • Hi Joe, thanks for your comment, in the UK e- bikes are limited to 15.5MPH before the motor cuts out. Also you can only use a throttle up to 3mph here so pointless having one, but these 2 reasons are why a 500wh is more than capable of a 30 mile commute ( I do this twice a week myself). I appreciate in the US the motor will assist up to higher speeds and you can use a throttle without restriction which is probably why you need a bigger battery pack for a 30 mile commute in this instance.

      • Your points are well taken… the stress on the motor is definitely mitigated by lower commuting speed. I concur with your assessment that the 500W motor is absolutely acceptable for the use case you describe. Happy riding!


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