Electric bikes for Seniors – Advice and buyers guide

electric bikes for seniors

For many seniors, traditional cycling in some cases would not always have been a sensible or viable option due to lack of fitness or health related problems however, thanks to Electric bikes, increasing numbers of retirees are falling back in love with cycling and re-living their youth all over again. Here we are going to … Read more

What is a Cargo bike – and can they really replace your car?

Long Tail cargo bike

Cargo bikes have been around for ages and are basically regular bikes that can carry additional storage, however Electric Cargo Bikes with power assist have changed the game. Electric Cargo Bike sales have been growing 50% year on year. So here we are going to find out exactly what is a cargo bike, what they … Read more

Giant electric bike review – Explore E+1 2020

Giant electric bike review

So here is my Giant electric bike review for the Giant Explore E+1 electric hybrid bike (2020 model) … Product Name: Giant Explore E+1 Electric Bike Frame Size: M Style: Hybrid/ Adventure/Commuting Battery: 500WH Lithium Iron Motor: Giant Syncdrive Sport ( Mid -Drive) Where to buy: Tredz     Giant Electric Bike Review – Intro … Read more

How Do EBikes Work? -The Basics

How do electric bikes work

How do ebikes work? Electric bikes are basically the same as regular bikes but come equipped with a motor & battery pack so when you start peddling, the motor will kick in and start ‘Assisting’ you making it much easier to climb hills or steep terrain. Electric bikes still have gears like a normal bike … Read more

About Electric Bike Buyer

Hi and welcome to Electric Bike Buyer.com – If you are thinking of buying your first E-bike or are just looking for some honest advice then you have come to the right place. Here you can share your passion with like-minded people, ask questions or read user/owner reviews and find out about the best products … Read more