Raleigh Centros Review – Easy Urban Rider With Plenty of Range

Here is my Raleigh Centros Review which I consider an excellent choice of ebike regardless of height, health, and fitness levels and in my view is one of the best ebikes on the market.

Raleigh Centros Tour

Make/Model: Raleigh Centros Tour Derailleur
Frame Type:
Lowstep Electric Hybrid Bike
Best For:
Urban riding
My Score:
Where to Buy: Pure Electric


First Impressions – Raleigh Centros Review

Raleigh has done well here to integrate the battery into the low step frame which gives a discrete stylish look overall and comes in a Black gloss finish with Grey accents on the battery.

Although there are no other color options available it makes for a good unisex bike and does not draw unwanted attention to itself.

Its overall look in my view is very understated as it’s built for its usability rather than cutting edge frame design, but the Centros still invites you to want to get on and take it out for a ride.

Riding position, comfort, and controls

The riding position on this bike is perfect in my view for the older rider as the handlebars are raised meaning you don’t need to lean over to ride it.

The Saddle is comfortable enough and well padded ( Selle Royal Milo +) meaning long trips will be kind on your behind!

The Bosch ‘Intuvis’ display is located right in the center of the handlebars which clearly displays your speed, distance, battery level, and remaining range.

It also illuminates which is handy in the dark and comes with a USP port so you could charge your phone while riding. Controls are located next to the left-hand grip where you can select assist levels and turn lights on or off.


So what is the Raleigh Centros like to ride?

This is a very comfortable bike to ride and I like the upright position which for people like my Aunt 78 ( who rides this bike on a daily basis) is perfect for her.

There are 5 levels of assist, 0 being no assist at all and rides like a normal bike – there is very little resistance from the motor which can be the case on some ebikes.

5 is the highest level of assist which gives you a nice little boost as you start peddling. The sensor in the motor works in conjunction with your peddling so it does feel very natural and the motor delivers power smoothly.

Up the hills it performs extremely well, I switched between the 2 highest levels of assist depending on how steep the hills were and it went up with ease.

The gear Changes were smooth and I did not really need to go below 5th gear for much of the journey which was effortless. I was very impressed with the brakes which were also excellent and very responsive.

I found everything on the bike just easy from the controls to switch up assist levels and turn on the lights while riding the bike, through to gear changes and braking which made me feel very much in control of the bike at all times.

Ebikes are heavier due to the weight of the extra components like the battery which can add a further 3kg, but when riding it did feel quite nimble and was not a problem.

Battery and Range

The Raleigh Centros comfortably fits into the long-range electric bike category and is powered by a Bosch PowerTube 500WH ( Watt Hour) lithium iron battery which is nicely integrated into the frame which I really liked as there are no obstructions when getting on and off the bike.

On a single full charge, the range on the Centros is outstanding. For the purposes of this Raleigh electric bike review, my Aunt who owns this bike let me test this and I achieved over 63 miles on a single charge using maximum assist until the anxiety kicked in and I dialed it down just to get me home!

I am sure had I used lower assist levels then I could have easily got 100 miles on a single charge out of it which Raleigh claim is possible.

The battery can be removed easily for charging or you can charge while on the bike if preferred – it is locked onto the frame with a key for easy removal.

The Centros comes with a standard charger which takes 4.5 hours to fully charge from flat yet there is a ‘fast Charger’ option you can buy which will reduce this to 3 hours displayed as per the below table but I’m not sure if it’s worth the extra cost.

Bosh Powertube Table

Performance / Power and Assistance

The Raleigh Centros Tour has a powerful lightweight Bosch Active Line Plus electric motor which gives out 40NM of torque – this basically means it will ‘assist’ you up to 270 % of your pedal power and makes going up hills an absolute breeze.

Bosch have been in this game for a while and their motors are at the top end of the market alongside the main rivals Yamaha, Brose, and Shimano. The active Line Plus is very quiet in comparison to some of its competitors and is certainly what I would not call noisy.

Components and FeaturesCentros Rear

The components on this bike ( what we call the Gearset) such as the chain, gearing system, and brakes are all high quality from reputable brands which means the Centros is a reliable machine.

The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes front and rear are excellent and gear shifting ( 10 speed) is very easy and responsive.

The Centros comes equipped with a rear pannier rack where you can attach pannier bags, integrated front and rear lights which can be controlled by a switch on the handlebars, mudguards to keep the dirt off, and a chain guard to protect your clothes.

The kickstand is also very handy when parking the bike up and I thought the integrated wheel lock is a very nice touch, perfect
as an extra security feature when you pull up at a cafe and just want to pop in for a coffee.



The Raleigh Centros is an excellent urban long-range electric bike well suited to seniors looking for a comfortable ride with plenty of range on a single charge. The components are of good quality and are from a reputable brand.

what I liked:

1. Rider Comfort – Very comfortable saddle and riding position
2. Battery Accessibility – Can be easily be removed and charged on or off the bike
3. Good Range – approx 60 miles on ‘Full assist’ mode, potentially capable of 100 miles +
4. Practicality – Has rack, mudguards, lights, and kickstand and wheel lock included
5. Performance / Power – Powerful Bosch Motor copes well with hills
6. Build Quality – good quality components from well-respected manufacturers

My Score: 4.2/5

I hope you found my Raleigh Centros Review helpful as I believe this to be a great ebike. Please leave a comment below if you already own one of these as I would love to hear what your thoughts experiences have been or if you would like to do a Raleigh electric bike review of a different model then please get in touch.

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Raleigh Centros Tour (Low-Step)













  • Low Step Frame
  • Integrated battery
  • Excellent range
  • Comfortable
  • Bosch motor


  • Colour options
  • Weight

6 thoughts on “Raleigh Centros Review – Easy Urban Rider With Plenty of Range”

  1. ooh, it does look sleek with the battery well hidden away. That’s always a bugbear when I see an electric bike. I know you say the motor is quiet compared to some of its competitors but my question would be how quiet? Let me explain, My family are all migraine sufferers of one form or another, we have determined that we are a lot more sensitive to sounds, persistent sounds. If a buzz is loud enough and continues for a long period of time we get a migraine. This is the only reason we do not have electric bikes, but I keep looking for one. As I write I realise the only way to know (unless you are migraine sufferers yourselves) is to try the bike. Is there a place to try this type of bike? Or is it online only?

    • Hi Kelly, thats a good question. The newer electric motors coming into the market are much quieter than they used to be, bikes with Brose motors are said to be leading the field on this front. Some ebikes have a carbon belt instead of a chain which can significantly reduce the noise also but the best way of really seeing for yourself is to try one out. Many online retailers have a money back guarantee or can exchange if its not right for you. Alternatively most bike shops will let you try before you buy. Let me know if you want me to point you toward any suitable models when the time comes. Dan

  2. Great article. i have recently reinvested into biking this year. When i was buying my bike i noticed a lot of people in the city i live in are choosing to buy these eBikes.

    I really have not had any exposure to these bikes before but now I’m more interested in them and the technology after reading through a few of you articles.

    The information you presented is easy to read and understand and i really enjoyed learning about eBikes and what they can bring to the table.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Marilyn, The Centros is designed for urban/ city use in my view, doesn’t mean it can’t handle a few light trails but the tires for example are suited to road cycling rather than off-road. you can always change the tires for gravel versions which may help. Do you have one of these bikes or are just thinking about what to buy at the moment? Approx weight of this bike is 26KG


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